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About CDS

Center for Data Science is a combination of various labs, faculty members to perform research in the field of Data Science. It focuses on Big Data Management and various aspects around Big data like identifying various methods of collecting data, processing it to derive some meaning and representing it in desired format to understand and identify some patterns and learn new ways to work with the large data.

The center was created in 2015. There were few workshops as a part of this center, where research fraternity at IIIT Bangalore displayed their work in the area of data science and exchanged ideas within the labs. The center gained momentum due to the project funded by Royal Academy of Engineering( RAEng) for the project called Co-creation of a Center of Excellence in Big Data Engineering The project is merged back to the center to perform various research activities and have cross pollination of ideas in the area of Big Data.

Associated Labs

Steering Committee

  1. Dr. Srinath Srinivasa