Establishing a Web Science Research Centre and a Web Observatory in India

Time Frame: June 2015 — May 2016

Sponsor: UK Royal Academy of Engineering (Newton Research Collaboration Programme)

Collaborator: University of Southampton, UK

Status: Active

The Web Science Trust (WST) is a charitable body, originally founded as a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. It’s aims include articulating a global research agenda for studying the growth and impact of the World Wide Web on humanity in general. An important element of this is the Web Observatory (WO) Project, which aims to create a global grid of datasets pertaining to the Web and its use, coming from different parts of the world. This proposal aims to extend the WO grid to India, beginning with IIIT Bangalore as the collaboration partner. This collaboration also aims to nurture research excellence in the Web Sciences in India. Given that India constitutes the third largest, and one of the fastest growing bases for Web users across the world, the proposed collaboration assumes critical significance to meet a pressing need that is likely to emerge over the years.


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