Activity Log 2018

18 May 2018. Asha Subramanian to defend her Thesis.

15 May 2018. WSL. “Web Science Lab Workshop” at IIIT Bangalore discussing the research activities happening in the lab.

14 May 2018. Dr Prasad Ram, CEO of Gooru Learning visited Gooru Labs at IIITB for research collaborations and discussions.

26 April 2018. Project Reviews of all the projects in WSL.

13 April 2018. Jaya Appukuttan presented her seminar on the state-of-the-art and the thesis proposal entitled, “Semantic Summarization of User Generated Short Reports”.

3rd April 2018. Aravindh Raman from King’s College London presented his work “Content Delivery at the Edge: Possibilities and Solutions” at IIIT-Bangalore.

2nd April 2018. Prof. Oliver Guenther, President of the University of Potsdam, Germany visited IIIT-Bangalore and Gooru Labs. He delivered a talk “Defining a University Strategy – A European Perspective”.

5-9 March 2018. Prof. Srinath Srinivasa visited Gooru HQ at Redwood City, California for research and collaboration.

12th Jan 2018. Dr Prasad Ram, CEO of Gooru Learning visited Gooru Labs at IIITB and other teams in India. Several discussion meetings held at Gooru labs, whose minutes can be found in Gooru Knowledge Base.

11–13 Jan 2018. Raksha P S, Chaitali Diwan, Praseeda Kalkur. Participated in the 18th International Conference on Management of Data and Data Science (COMAD-CODS) at Goa, India.

3 Jan 2018. Dmytro Karamshuk, Senior Data Scientist at Skyscanner, presented his work on “Bridging big data and qualitative methods in the social sciences” at Gooru Labs, IIIT-Bangalore.

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