Activity Log 2020

24 December 2020. Srinath Srinivasa participated as an Expert Committee member of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), for their workshop on “Data for NSDI Applications”, New Delhi.

16-18 December 2020. WSL Research Workshop.

12 December 2020. Srinath Srinivasa presented a talk entitled “Democracy and the Global Opinion Marketplace” as part of the CITAPP Winter School, IIIT Bangalore.

19-21 November 2020. Traffic Simulation Project presented at Bangalore Tech Summit 2020. YouTube Link

10 November 2020. Jayati Deshmukh successfully completed the Comprehensive exam qualifying as a PhD candidate.

07 November 2020. Raksha P S and Gaurav Koley were invited speakers at DSC SAMVAD tech talk titled ‘Behind the Scenes of Research’ organised by JSS Science & Technology University, Mysuru. Details of the talk are available here.

6 November 2020. Jayati Deshmukh invited as a panelist at curtain-raiser event lecture of LTC 2021 by Prof. Samir Brahmachari titled “eScience and the Fourth Paradigm in Research.” Link

10-11 October 2020. Jayati Deshmukh attended “Towards the Logic of Scientific Discovery – Will AI ever win a Nobel Prize?” organized by E4R at ThoughtWorks. YouTube Playlist

28th September 2020. Srinath Srinivasa gave an inaugural talk entitled “Education post 2020” as part of a program called LEAD MindMatrix, organized by IBM and CL Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

14th September 2020. Dr. Aparna Lalingkar was interviewed by All India Radio Mumbai in their program “Vidnyananjanhitay” which is organized in collaboration with Marathi Vidyan Parishad. This program is to highlight the understanding of the use of science and technology in day to day life for common people who do not have scientific background. She was interviewed as a mathematician and educational technologist. The link of the interview is here.

28 August 2020. Raksha P S participated as a panelist in an online webinar on NLP and Fake News as a part of AI for Decision-Making webinar series, conducted by the MINRO research centre. Link for the video

17 August 2020. Jayati Deshmukh presented her initial research at RISE-Samvaad Ph.D. Colloquium 2020 with a talk titled “Computational Transcendence in Ethical Autonomous Agents”. YouTubeLink

30 July 2020. Raksha P S successfully presented open seminar of her PhD thesis titled “A Computational Model For Online Social Discourse”.

9th July 2020. Dr. Aparna Lalingkar presented a paper titled “Building a Model for finding Quality of Affirmation in a Discussion Forum” at The 20th  IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 2020, organized online by University of Tartu, Estonia during 6th July to 10th July 2020.

7 July 2020. Raksha P S presented paper titled “Computational Model for Online Social Discourse” at PhD Symposium of The 12th ACM Conference on Web Science – WebSci’20.

18 June 2020. Srinath Srinivasa gave Samvaad talk titled “Simulation of epidemiological models for COVID-19 for Karnataka”. YouTubeLink

17 June 2020. Raksha P S presented a webinar talk titled “Introduction to Web Science” organised by Global Institute of Management Sciences.

12 June 2020. Srinath Srinivasa and Jayati Deshmukh. Presented the IIITB Covid Dashboard to the global network of Facebook Covid response team.

8 June 2020. Srinath Srinivasa. Participated as a panelist in an online webinar on AI for Decision-Making, conducted by the MINRO research centre.

11 Mar 2020. Sharath Srivatsa successfully defended his MS by Research thesis entitled “Narrative Plot Comparison Based on a Bag-of-actors Document Model”.

5th March 2020. Aparna Lalingkar visited Mphasis Office for showing demo of Precision Learning Portal to a delegation from Cardiff University, Canada.

24 Feb 2020. WSL hosted Prof. Peter Edwards from the University of Aberdeen on a research visit.

12 – 14 Feb 2020. WSL conducted the Second Workshop on Web Science for Development (WS4D 2020), spanning over 3 days.

20 – 21 Jan 2020. Srinath Srinivasa presented keynote talk titled “Nagar: A Living Lab Architecture or Urban Mobility Observatory” at 1st International Conference of Urban Data Science. Raksha PS and Jayati Deshmukh also attended the conference. IIT-Madras, India