Opportunities to work with WSL

Jan 2024: Open

Call Code: NSCSPD

Project Name: Designing a Consent Service for Digital Public Infastructures

Digital Public Infastructures (DPIs) democratise access to information and opportunities by providing digital goods and service as a public infrastructure. A key responsibility of DPIs is consent management.

The project involves the design and development of a policy-based consent management service that encodes several applicable regulations like DPDP (Digital Private Data Protection) Act as enforceable rules.

The postdoc researcher is expected to work closely with the rest of the team, to design and develop a reference implementation of a policy-based consent service.

Interested candidates may send their CV along with 2-3 publications, to Prof. Srinath Srinivasa sri@iiitb.ac.in

Aug 2023 : Closed

One Post-doctoral position for 1 year is open, starting from August 1, 2023 for Karnataka Data Lake project : Policy Research using Big Data Analytics (https://kdl.iiitb.ac.in). The position may be extended based on requirement and performance. 

The Key responsibilities include the following :

  • Be the technical interface between the unversity research group and industry sponsor.
  • Work on designing and implementing data pipelines automating ingestion, modeling and visualization tasks.
  • Build conversational AI for KDL considering both structured and unstructured data using Large Language Models.
  • Publish/present findings in research publications and at professional meetings.

Interested candidates may send their CV along with 2-3 publications to sri@iiitb.ac.in.

Jan 2023: Closed

3-month internship in visual analytics and predictive modelling 

Two positions for 3-month paid internships are open, starting January 15, 2023 till April 14, 2023. The positions may be extended for 3 more months based on requirement and performance. 

Internship applicants should have a BTech or equivalent in Computer Science or related disciplines like Information Technology, Data Science, etc. Programming proficiency in python is highly desirable, and experience with visual analytic tools like Tableau or Kibana is an added plus. 

Interns will get an opportunity to work on a major project involving planning and resource allocation, and pick up skills like Bayesian modelling, building data stories and providing actionable insights. 

The internships will come with a stipend of INR 15,000 per month. Applications may be sent to sri@iiitb.ac.in

Dec 2022: Closed

Project Elective applications are open to work on various WSL projects for the upcoming Jan-Apr 2023 semester at IIIT-Bangalore. Students can apply for 4-credit, 12-credit or 20-credit projects as applicable. This call is open to students currently enrolled at IIIT-B.

Applications will close on 2nd Dec 2022. If applied after 2nd Dec, we will reach out to you only in case there are any further open positions.

Project details available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1So1fm1Zeu0aaZHGQMC_vWd2efaRLvoko/view?usp=sharing

Form to apply: https://forms.gle/Cy8SzNNp5Y3szhy79