Interview of Dr Aparna Lalingkar on All India Radio Mumbai

All India Radio Mumbai in collaboration with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad organize a program named “Vidnyananjanhitay”. The focus of this program is to highlight how science is useful to human beings and their day to day life. If people understand the science used in day to day life their living will be more prosperous.

In this program they conduct interviews of women scientists working in the field of science, mathematics and technology. Dr. Aparna Lalingkar was interviewed as a mathematician and educational technologist in this program. It was broadcasted on 14th September 2020.  The interview link is here.

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Prakhar‘s Interview with Educlasses. is an Online Platform cum Blog for online study. They have more than 185 interviews with industry experts, researchers, bloggers, educators, etc. The interview focused majorly on Prakhar’s learning and experience in AI/ML domain.


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29 Sept 2018. Article about Web Observatory mentioned published by New Indian Express. [link]