An Open Architecture for Smart Cities

Sponsor and Collaborator: Siemens India

Time Frame: May 2015 — Apr2016

Status: Active

Smart cities are an upcoming area of growth in the region and provide a large gamut of technical challenges in the area of wide area distributed sensing and processing. A significant part of these challenges can be addressed by leveraging upcoming technologies in the fog computing area where edge devices not only collect data and provide control signals but perform local optimizations based on global optimization requirements. However, to implement rapid growth of smart campus/city requires applications. These applications may be on different devices, software, middleware etc. As a result, this heterogeneity is a huge challenge at present to integrate to available system, collect data etc. Hence, one needs to develop a platform agnostic to above complex heterogeneous environment.

This provides an opportunity for both Siemens and IIIT Bangalore to create an open platform to share data and expose relevant APIs using which smart applications can be built by anyone.