Big Data Analytics for Policy Support

The primary focus of Big Data Analytics for Policy Support project is to develop a sophisticated data management system that consolidates diverse documents from various government departments into a unified access point. This centralized hub serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, domain experts, and data analysts, allowing them to easily search and analyze documents through visual dashboards. The front-facing website of this work can be accessed at Karnataka Data Lake: Policy Research using Big Data Analytics.

The other research direction of the project focuses on creating a comprehensive model library, which becomes a crucial asset for policymakers. This library not only aids in making informed decisions based on the current state but also looks ahead to anticipate future scenarios related to policy interventions. The ultimate aim of the Policy Support System (PSS) is to provide policymakers with a powerful tool that addresses current challenges related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also proactively navigating the evolving landscape of policy dynamics.

The Architecture Diagram of Big Data Analytics for Policy Support








Research Scholars

Project Associates

Project Students

  • Nithin Raj
  • Omkar Lavangad
  • Phani Tirthala
  • Himesh Krishna Osuri
  • Anish Sai Potluri
  • Ayush Tiwari
  • Sowmith Nandan R
  • Arpitha Malavalli
  • Saiakash Konidena
  • Arjun Dutta
  • Akshay Girish Thite
  • Umang Okate
  • Gaurav Nilesh Tirodkar
  • Jasvin James Manjaly
  • Bhavil Sharma
  • Mallangi Siva Charan Reddy
  • Nimish Gaurish Sinai Khandeparkar
  • Gramya Gupta
  • Manish Reddy Koppula
  • Swadi Korattiparambil
  • Anant Pandey
  • Riya Patidar
  • Anuj Arora


  • Shreya Subramaniyam
  • Ojas Hegde
  • Greeshma Chandra Shekar
  • Nandan N
  • Sachin Tiwari
  • Siddharth Gautam
  • Sparsh Dalal

Research Site

Karnataka Data Lake: Policy Research using Big Data Analytics

Media Mentions

Talks & Videos

  • Big-data-analytics in Astronomy, Science, and Engineering (BASE) 2021
  • MLN-DIVE Lecture Series: Srinath Srinivasa

Title: Diffusion and Perturbation Modeling for Policy Interventions

Date: June 11, 2022

  • Bangalore Tech Summit 16th – 18th November 2022