Gooru – Narrative Arc towards Digital Empowerment

Narrative Arc is one of the research projects under the umbrella of Navigated Learning project at Gooru Labs, IIITB.

In this research, we propose a methodology for providing self directed and personalised education to the individuals at a large scale. A characteristic property of personalisation is “elasticity” in the system, even though designed for the mythical average student, it needs to adapt to the actual individual student to various degrees.

We propose a model to automatically generate “learning pathways” between different competencies or topics. The learning pathways are a sequence of competencies that learners can take to reach their learning goal. These learning pathways can be selected and personalised to each student according to their zone of proximal development, profiles and preferences, forming a “Narrative Arc”.

The Narrative Arc refers to the semantic structure of a sequence of learning activities suggested to the user for learning. The suggested sequence of learning activities that are presented to the user need to result in a coherent narrative and it should be engaging to the user for a greater learning experience.  A Narrative Arc hence comprises of two elements: Semantic coherence and Cognitive engagement.

Following link has the presentation for the project in RISE 2019 workshop held at IIITB on 14-16 Feb 2019. The title of the presentation is “Narrative Arc Computation towards Digital Empowerment”. Narrative Arc Computation

  • Lead Researcher
  • Current Project Members
    • Nikhil Bukka Sai
    • Sai Sri Harsha Vallabhuni
  • Previous Project Members
    • Rochan Avlur ( Intern)
    • Niharika Chaudhari (Intern)
    • Vibhav Agarwal
    • Abhiramon R
    • Sanket Kutumbe
    • Karan Kumar Gupta
    • Srinivasan P.S
  • Publications
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