Narrative Arc for Effective Learning

Narrative Arc is one of the research projects under the umbrella of Navigated Learning project at Gooru Labs, IIITB.

The Narrative Arc refers to presenting the sequence of learning activities as a narrative to the learner to make learning interesting and to help the learner navigate seamlessly through the learning space. The project has two parts: First is creating the learning pathways automatically given a corpus of learning resources, such that the generated pathways are semantically coherent and pedagogically progressive. Second part is modelling an AI-based automatic conversational agent which makes the learning pathway interesting and adapts the learning pathways according to the users knowledge and preferences. Here, the learning pathway is first presented to the user according to her learning goal, then the conversation agent interacts with the learner to keep the user interested in the learning pathway and to augment her knowledge. The agent also gauges the knowledge of the learner and supports the learner by providing knowledge and if required re-route the learner through a different learning pathway.

Following link has the presentation for the project in RISE 2019 workshop held at IIITB on 14-16 Feb 2019. The title of the presentation is “Narrative Arc Computation towards Digital Empowerment”. Narrative Arc Computation

  • Lead Researcher
  • Current Project Members
    • Mirambika Sikdar(Summer Intern)
  • Previous Project Members
    • Nikhil Bukka Sai
    • Sai Sri Harsha Vallabhuni
    • Rochan Avlur ( Intern)
    • Niharika Chaudhari (Intern)
    • Vibhav Agarwal
    • Abhiramon R
    • Sanket Kutumbe
    • Karan Kumar Gupta
    • Srinivasan P.S
  • Publications