IUDX Data Trusts

Developing a policy-based consent service for Data Trusts in collaboration with IUDX and IISc.

Funding Agency



Ayappane, Balambiga, et al. “Extensible Consent Management Architectures for Data Trusts.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2309.16789 (2023).

B. Ayapane, R. Vaidyanathan, S. Srinivasa, S. Upadhyaya, and S. Vivek, “Consent Service Architecture for Policy-Based Consent Management in Data Trusts,” in ACM CODS-COMAD, 2024 (To appear)

Team Details

  1. Balambiga Ayappane (MS scholar) 
  2. Rohith Vaidyanathan (MS scholar) 
  3. Prof. V Sridhar (collaborator) 
  4. Asilata Karandikar (collaborating PhD Scholar) 
  5. Prof. Srinivas Vivek (collaborator) 
  6. Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya (collaborating PhD scholar)
  7. Prof. Srinath Srinivasa (PI)